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In the year 2007 the congregation of Christ Church was approached to help the Walden Winter Carnival by providing a Pancake Breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday of the Carnival. After discssion it was decided by the congregation to accept the request and to use the proceeds to help some kind of Youth initiative in the Lively/Walden area with a donation.  This began the annual work of helping the Walden Winter Carnival Committee feed the people who came to enjoy the festivities. 

This year the Carnival Committtee surprised us with their Merit Award and we are pleased to display it as a sign that our efforts have been helpful in the important work of community building that the Carnival Committee is doing so well.

Over the past 13 years Christ Church has provided donations to the Walden Girl Guides, Scouts, Friendship Group, and the Irish Cadet Regiment of Walden. We give thanks to God for the many willing volunteers and the opportunity to serve the community of Lively and beyond and look forward to continued involvement with the Winter Carnival.

Thank you for the award.