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Welcome to this week's Home Worship Resource. We give thanks to God for this platform through which we can join in worship with one another during this pandemic.  Our prayer is that we will experience God's touch even in these extra-ordinary circumstances.

In addition to the prayer concerns mentioned in the liturgy we hold out the family of Carmen Starr.  Carmen died last week and his funeral will be held at the Church of St. John the Divine in Copper early in the coming week.  Carmen was a faithful member of the congregation at St. John's and will be deeply missed. One of his endearing traits was his love of the hymn "Amazing Grace".  We give thanks for this life, pray for his sisters and their children, and trust that he will be raised to new life at the general resurrection.  We know that he is in the loving arms of his Saviour and Redeemer, Jesus.

The attached resources include a liturgy for the Morning Prayer service recorded and a printed copy of the sermon offered. May God bless you as you share this time of worship.