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Welcome to our worship offering for this week. We pray that all who share this time with us will receive God's blessing and strengthening for their journey as disciples of Jesus.  This week we are sharing the announcements we are sharing with the congregations that will be meeting this Sunday.


•    Mr. Tom Newburn, who has been serving as Church Treasurer at St. John’s for at least 15 years has asked the Wardens to find his replacement as soon as possible.  If you know of someone who might be approached to serve in this capacity please contact David or Joanne Stamp.  We thank Tom for his many years of service.
•    As we approach the season of Lent with the possibility of holding an Ash Wednesday service Archdeacon Glen would be interested to know how many people might be attending such a service.  Times and locations will be announced shortly.
•    Archbishop Germond will be offering a Wednesday evening book study via ZOOM for the season of Lent.  For more information about this opportunity please contact Archdeacon Glen.
•    The Advisory Board for St. John’s will hold its first meeting for 2022 on Thursday February 17 at 7 pm in the Parish Hall.
•    The Craft Group which now meets on Wednesday mornings at 10 am  has resumed its meetings. Please contact Archdeacon Glen or Joanne Stamp for more information about this group.