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Effective on June 1, 2022 some changes have been made to the existing Covid-19 protocols for the Diocese of Algoma.  The full document can be found in the attachment below.  In summary, while mask wearing remains a requirement until June 24 many of the other restrictions are being lifted.  Included in that list is the need to provide physical distance from one another and the provision to avoid physical contact during the greeting of peace.  Communion in both kinds will also be re-instated with the use of the common cup.  It is recommended that the practice of using a tipping chalice be avoided where possible.  These changes will be implemented as quickly as possible in our regular Sunday worship services (9 am at Christ Church in Lively, 11 am at the Church of St. John the Divine in Copper Cliff).  Please consult the full protocol and if you have any questions or concerns contact the Church office.