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Greetings: Easter 2020

Amidst the concern and sadness that you may be experiencing I write to you about the great and wonderful message of Jesus and his resurrection. Our annual celebration of the tremendous act of love seen in the events we remember during Holy Week will have to be accomplished in different ways this year but the beauty of the celebration need not be diminished. I urge everyone to set aside some time on Palm Sunday (April 5), Maundy Thursday (April 9), Good Friday (April 10) and Easter Sunday (April 12) to be mindful about the events that God brought to bear in order that sin could once and for all be conquered. Some of you will be able to link with other families over the internet and that activity is encouraged as well. These are all new experiences for all of us so, if it feels strange to you or you feel awkward you are not alone.

The Diocese of Algoma has provided some resources that are available on their web-site (type Diocese of Algoma into your search engine) that are meant for use in the home. Since we will be missing out on some of our regular activities in the parish I recommend the use of some of these resources. I have been blessed by hearing from people who have used some of the resources I provided and who found it to be very meaningful so I believe the same will take place through these events. (For those without internet connections we have provided booklets that can be picked up at the Rectory in Lively at 230 Sixth Avenue by calling 705-692-5374) On Easter Sunday morning those living in Lively may hear the Church bell ringing at 9 am to mark the beginning of that day’s celebration. As we all endeavour to stay safe and healthy and help others as best we can God’s Spirit will continue to bring us God’s blessing.

Palm branches
Last week we received our standing order of Palm branches which will be blessed and made available to be picked up. The garage at the Rectory will be used for this purpose with a table containing the crosses. Anyone who does not feel comfortable with this is encouraged to either fashion something from paper or use some evergreen branches from your yard. You may drop by the Rectory between 1 pm and 3 pm on Sunday April 5 to pick them up and we will do what we can to avoid spreading any germs.

Easter Art
The artwork contained in this letter was produced by Jack Mallory, Lukas Webber, and Alicia Webber. Thank you to all artists who share their talents with others in this time of social distancing.

I pray that as God walks with us through this, our particular desert, He will shine His light in our hearts in new and surprising ways that will enable us to fulfill the command of Jesus to: ‘let your lights so shine before others that they may see you good works and glorify your Father in heaven’.

Happy Easter!

The artwork mentioned in this post can be found in the attachments along with Worship Resources for Palm Sunday