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    From the Pastor’s Desk
    May 2022

    As I began to write these words I was surrounded by boxes which had been packed in preparation for the moving truck which arrived as scheduled on the 4th of May. We have been sorting through our belongings, sifting and disposing for weeks.  Mary Beth and I have lived in this Rectory for just over 21 years and the amount of thankfulness we feel is indescribable.  This has been a wonderful part of our lives in ministry and Mary Beth and I leave with some tears but also a deep sense of wonder at the privilege of sharing a journey with so many beautiful people and challenging circumstances.  Even though the chaos of moving dominates our lives for now we do spend time reminiscing and giving thanks to God who brought us all together for this portion of this Parish’s journey.

    My term of office as your Rector will end with my retirement from full time parish ministry on June 30, 2022.  According to Diocesan protocol we are required to move out of the Rectory and to avoid, as much as possible, influencing the day to day operation of the parish for at least one year following my retirement date.  These actions are meant to make it easier on the people responsible for the transition period and for the next Incumbent/Rector who will join you for the next stage of your journey with Christ.  There are many memories tied up in this process and I pray that: we can all treasure those memories, give thanks to God for the sharing of joys and sorrows, and look forward to the next steps.  There is no way for me to describe in any kind of detail how I’m feeling because my emotions are all muddled but the over-riding emotion is one of gratitude.

    Your Wardens, Advisory Boards, and other leaders are being prepared for the transition and during the interim the Archbishop will appoint a clerical overseer for the times when you will require the assistance of a priest.  The wonderfully capable leaders in this parish will do their very best to look after those details to which they’ve been assigned and to co-ordinate the work of God among the parish members.  I encourage you to do what you can to cooperate with their efforts and maintain your financial support of the work of God in these congregations.  There will, of course, be some rough patches but you have all shown over the past number of years how creative and hard-working you are so I am confident of your successful passage through whatever period of transition is in your future.  My prayers will be with you even though I cannot physically be present with you. 

    As this term of office wraps up I am thankful to the organizing committee which has acquired the rental of the building at the T.M. Davies Arena in Lively as a location for a final celebration on the afternoon of June 26, 2022.  That day will begin with a Church service at St. John’s in Copper Cliff at 10 am where I will bid a liturgical goodbye and this will be followed by a relaxed come and go gathering at the Arena from about 12:00 pm to 4pm.  Gifts are not requested but if you wish to make a donation toward the work of the Church in this parish (or to another charity) that would be appreciated.

    It seems very inadequate to simply send this short message to you to try to communicate this large change in all of our lives but to make the message any longer would invite stories that would stretch beyond the space available. Please share some of your stories when you gather on June 26.  I hope you all know how much your support and ongoing ministry efforts have meant to me as I have attempted to serve my Lord and Saviour in appropriate ways.  May God richly bless you all in the days and weeks to come.    

Your servants in Christ,
Glen & Mary Beth Miller