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Next Sunday, September 6, marks the beginning of our return to public worship in one of our buildings. At 11 am next week St. John's Church in Copper Cliff will open its doors for the first time since March. We give thanks to God for the care and support we have received from God and from the members of our congregations in this parish.  Our on-line presence will continue using the same format as we currently use, at least for now.  The congregation at Christ Church will be opening its building on September 20, God willing, after which time we'll re-assess our on-line ministry.  Please contact us with your suggestions or concerns.  Thank you to those who have been faithful in their financial support during this time away from regular Sunday worship. We hope that the resources we have provided have been of assistance in your relationship with our loving and wonderful God.

As you listen to the refection attached and use the resources provided may the Holy Spirit of God fill your hearts and minds with the knowledge and love of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.