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In many of the Mission Statements for Christian congregations the words "we are a worshipping community" are found but in these days we are being asked to reshape what that means.  Our community still exists and our worship can still happen it just needs to happen in different ways.  I thank God for the stories I hear as I contact members of our Parish family as they tell me of how they are incorporating some of the resources made available through the Diocesan Web-page and our own local network to express worship to our God.  New ideas and methods are being tried and the spiritual lives of the people in this Parish family are being enriched in the midst of the need to separate ourselves for the sake of staying healthy.  I do commend the Diocese of Algoma's facebook page and its web-site for accurate and up to date information as well as the worship resources and links to live-streamed services that can be found there.  In this parish I have been producing a service sheet and a reflection on the readings for each Sunday and, this week, you can find them here in the attachments.  I pray they will be of help in your worship for this week.

I also express my thanksgiving for the stories of how people have adapted to the Covid-19 restrictions as I contact people over the telephone.  I am very thankful that in those stories I hear about the ways in which people are reaching out to others as the bonds of fellowship are strengthened in new ways.  Please continue to pray and reach out to those who are in your 'care circle' and consider calling someone who is outside that 'care circle' from time to time.  God is still in our midst and will see us through this time.